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New Friends Only post, the old one was getting cluttered. :B

Comment to be added!

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Oh, darlin, you're not going anywhere ever ♥

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I guess I'm already added, since I can see your next post....

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lol of course ♥

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I-I'm staying, right raibaru :D

(even if I only ever update my DW any more I still read here)

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you will never go away ever raibaru

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*screen is smothered in hearts*

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ohey 8D

Did you work on the Tangled/ Road to el Dorado crossover?

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I just came across this fic and I love the potential! Did you go beyond the first chapter?

Re: Did you work on the Tangled/ Road to el Dorado crossover?

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Not yet, I've got a few other things on my plate. But I plan to! :)

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